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We are very proud to still operate as a family business today and place special emphasis on personal contact with our guests and a friendly approach towards our employees. In 1984, Walburga and Norbert Stephan handed over the business to the current hosts, their daughter and son-in-law, Johanna and Franz Schinagl. After a major expansion and extension of the main building in 1984, an additional wing with more rooms and apartments, as well as the Vital Center, was built in 2000. The next generation is also involved in the business. Son Franz works at the reception and in the restaurant, while daughter Eva manages the business as the managing director and can be found in all areas. The youngest daugther, Johanna, is responsible of the hotel's marketing.

Our family has enjoyed hosting and cooking for our cherished guests for generations. From the humble beginnings of our country inn, our grandmother and great-grandmother lovingly crafted mouthwatering delights from the treasures of regional cuisine infused with their passion. Even today, amidst all the exciting innovations and new flavors, we find immense comfort in turning to the time-honored recipes passed down by our ancestors. It warms our hearts to witness how Grandma's apple strudel, like the legendary family recipe for tender venison roast, continues to captivate the taste buds of those visiting us. And, of course, our little inn has gained renown for its exceptional game dishes. When October arrives, during our beloved Wild Weeks, we proudly serve the cherished delicacies from Grandma's treasured recipe book and introduce new, daring creations inspired by the wild. This is our way of honoring tradition while embracing the thrilling adventure of culinary exploration.

Painting Gschirnwirt earlier
Old picture of the Stephan family
Old photo of the Gschirnwirt

On July 14, 1385, our establishment is mentioned for the first time in a purchase contract as "Gut auf der Lakchen."


From 1404, all former owners of Gut auf der Lakchen or Mittergastaggut can be traced back through documented records. The "Altentanner Bierschank" is also mentioned in old documents, suggesting that the right to serve beer in our establishment existed even before the 14th century.


Among the owners, Sebastian Gschir appears in 1564. Our name "Gschirnwirt" is derived from him and its meaning relates to horse harness. The house has always been situated on one of the most important east-west routes and served as a station for horse-drawn carriages.


Since 1847, the house has been passed down from generation to generation:

1896: Paul Stephan and Anna Maier

1904: Norbert Stephan and Justine Haslauer

1923: Josef Stephan and Johanna Kittl

1954: Norbert Stephan and Walburga Biebl

since 1984: Johanna Stephan and Franz Schinagl

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