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Our commitment to sustainable tourism

We love our home and nature, which is why sustainable tourism is very important to us, and we strive to engage more and more with the topic of sustainability. Our goal is not only to minimize our ecological footprint but also to preserve our culture and the beauty of Austria.

Our contribution to sustainable tourism includes:

1. Use of regional products and support of local businesses: We source our products from local producers, allowing us to offer fresh and high-quality food while minimizing transportation routes. You can find our suppliers list on our menu. Additionally, we collaborate with local companies for renovations and other projects. 

2. Reducing food waste: Our daily changing menu, salad buffet and breakfast are designed to conserve resources and reduce waste. We promote conscious eating and offer smaller portion sizes ("zum Glustln") on request. 

3. Reducing energy consumption: We prioritize energy efficiency in public areas. For example, the temperature of our indoor pool is deliberately set between 26-28 Regress, and sauna times are adjusted based on the season and weather conditions to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. The majority of our rooms are equipped with energy-saving switches to prevent electricity usage when the room is unoccupied. 

4. Energy generation: In the coming months, we will be installing a photovoltaic system to partially cover our electricity consumption with self-generated renewable energy. 

5. Green Choice Program: We offer our guests the option to participate in our Green Choice Program, which involves forgoing daily room cleaning. This helps conserve resources by reducing the use of towels, bed linen and cleaning supplies. As an incentive, each room receives a 5 EUR bonus per day for restaurant consumption. 

6. Eco-friendly activities: The Salzburg Land offers a wealth of environmentally friendly activities such as hiking and cycling. We provide complimentary bicycles and would be happy to share our "secret tips" to escape mass tourism and support local establishments. 

7. Preservation of traditions: We are committed to preserving our customs and traditions, and support local associations and events.

Additionally, we welcome and encourage suggestions and ideas to enhance our sustainability initiatives. Your feedback on how we can further improve our efforts is highly appreciated. Together, by each making a small contribution to preserve of our environment, we have already accomplished significant progress.

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